April 8, 2021

Discovering San Sebastian

Set on a day trip to discover one of the most timeless villages in Jalisco, San Sebastian del Oeste, known for its beautiful surroundings, charming cobblestone streets and mining history.

San Sebastian dates to the year 1605 and began to rise in the 1700s with the abundance of silver produced from the many mines. Although today the population only reaches around 700, the remains of history are still present in the architecture, traditions and culture.  

The village is located deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains making it both remote and one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. Although close enough to the city of Puerto Vallarta, just a 1 hour and 45 minute-drive away, San Sebastian is a world in itself and away from the touristy areas. There, you will get a taste of tradition while walking along cobblestone streets, plastered mud-brick walls, winding alleyways, fresh local cuisine and breathtaking views.  

During your visit, stroll the streets and admire the pretty colonial-style architecture, including the Church of Saint Sebastian which dates to 1608, stop for lunch in one of the many excellent restaurants where you will bre treated like family, taste the delicious coffee at La Quinta coffee factory and learn how Raicilla (Tequila’s less known relative) is made.  

It is a great, peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle from the city and it offers an entirely different vibe than Puerto Vallarta and will make you feel as if you had traveled back in time.  

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