April 15, 2021

Meet Your New Favorite: The Paloma

We have two Paloma cocktail recipes for you to try mixing in your fully equipped kitchen at Olas Altas Suites.


Mexico’s most famous cocktail is the Margarita, but we think it’s time that you meet her cousin, the Paloma. Like a Margarita, the Paloma is Tequila-based but chooses grapefruit juice as it’s main component for a refreshing and delicious cocktail. It’s a perfect pre-game drink to enjoy in the late afternoon before heading out on the town in Puerto Vallarta, and we have two recipes – a mixology version and a quick cocktail hack – that you can whip up in your fully equipped kitchen at Olas Altas Suites. 

Paloma (mixology version) 

  • Step 1:  rim a highball glass with salt 
  • Step 2: add ¼ cup of Tequila (a blanco or reposado) 
  • Step 3: add ¼ cup of fresh grapefruit juice 
  • Step 4:  add 1 teaspoon of agave syrup 
  • Step 5: add ¼ cup of club soda 
  • Step 6:  add a squeeze of fresh lime 
  • Step 7: fill glass with ice and enjoy 

It’s not a difficult cocktail at all and it does not require a cocktail shaker – just a stir will do – but the Paloma mixology recipe requires 7 ingredients and steps, and you’re on vacation, so we have an easier option, as well. 

Paloma (quick and easy) 

  • Step 1: rim a highball glass with salt 
  • Step 2: add 1 part Tequila 
  • Step 3: add 3 parts Squirt grapefruit soda (found at any convenience store) 
  • Step 4: fill glass with ice and enjoy 

No matter which version you choose, it will be delicious and refreshing, and for those watching their waistlines, there is sugar-free Squirt available at any store as well, for a “Skinny Paloma” that packs far fewer calories than a traditional Margarita. 

Give the Paloma a try while you’re vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, either your own homemade version or at Sapphire Ocean Club. It may end up being your new favorite cocktail! 

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