February 22, 2021

The Beginners Guide to Tacos in Puerto Vallarta

A beginners guide to order tacos like an expert while you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta.

You can’t visit Puerto Vallarta without sampling some of our famous street food, of which almost everyone’s favorite is obviously tacos.

Cheap, delicious, fast and filling, they are perfect for lunch or dinner on the go or for a late-night snack. Here’s a quick guide to different kinds of tacos you’ll find served up in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone, so you look like a pro with every order. 

Al Pastor: kind of like a Lebanese shawarma, al pastor street tacos are pork which is cooked vertically on a rotisserie and is generally only served at night. They are savory but not spicy and served with a slice of roasted pineapple. 

Barbacoa: these tacos are made with slow cooked beef, lamb or sometimes goat, that is steamed until it is melt-in-you-mouth tender. 

Fish tacos: obviously, being right on the ocean, fish tacos are a big deal in Puerto Vallarta, and they are delicious. The are served unbattered but if you’d like them crispy, ask for “Baja” style.  

Carne asada: a quite common taco, Carne Asada is beef -generally a chopped flank or skirt steak – that is served up with beans and grilled onions. Filling and very satisfying.  

Birria: Coming from our own State of Jalisco, Birria tacos are so good and a must-try while you’re in Puerto Vallarta. They are made with marinated goat meat and incredible juicy and full of flavor. Also, they are well-known to be a great hangover food to get you moving on with your day! 

Puerto Vallarta taco stands are a great place to sample any of these tacos and there are plenty of sit-down restaurants that serve up fantastic tacos at very economical prices, also. They generally come with a selection of salsas, so check with your server or cook about the level of spiciness before slathering them on. 

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